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With the European Fitness Badge (EFB) you can improve your knowledge about your fitness status!

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Levels of the EFB

The European Fitness Badge is a confirmation of a health promoting fitness-status – with three levels. Click on the logos and check out what is necessary to achieve the levels.

The Basic Level describes the following elements

The Advanced Level describes the following elements

The Approved Level describes the following elements

Sucessful Participants BASIC

Sucessful Participants ADVANCED

Sucessful Participants APPROVED

Let’s get active and check your fitness level!

For participants
It is possible to perform the EFB at local clubs or at the national sport federation.
Aks them for the next possibilities.

In these big events you can catch the badge:

Country, date, place, name of event, test profile

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Use the badge – testing is fun and motivating!

For instructors
the EFB is a useful instrument to

  • improve your knowledge about the fitness situation within your group;
  • give you information for concrete and individualized advices for your clients;
  • increase the engagement of your group members to physical activity and
  • motivate and convince inactive people to develop a more active lifestyle

You would like to execute the test – click here to get more information.


European Fitness Badge developers

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