The European Fitness Badge is a conformation of a health promoting fintess-status  –  ADVANCED is the second level and APPROVED the third.


The fitness is ADVANCED corresponding to an average level of the population of same age and sex – that means you are fitter than 40% and less fit than 40% of your age group.


APPROVED means the fitness status is better than the average of the population of same age and sex – that means you belong to the fittest 40% of your age group.

211: The Danish step test / cardio-respiratory endurance


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Stand close to the step bench, step up with one leg after the other, step down with one leg after the other: up-up-down-down.

212: 2km walking test / cardiorespiratory endurance


Walk a flat way of 2 km with the walking technique as fast as possible.

221: Plank test / Core Strength & Body Stability - Anterior core muscular endurance



The challenging position, with the body’s weight borne on forearms, elbows, and toes need to be hold.


222: Jump and reach / explosive strength of the lower extremities


222_5qwc6417_ba 222_5qwc6419_ba 222_5qwc6420_ba

Jump as high as possible while touching the wall with the hand.

223: Push-ups – special version / muscular endurance of the upper extremities

223a_5qwc5805_ba 223b_5qwc5806_ba 223c_5qwc5807_ba 223d_5qwc5809_ba 223e_5qwc5810_ba 223f_5qwc5811_ba 223g_5qwc5812_ba

Lie in a prone position on the floor. The hands are touching over the buttock.
Lift your whole body up in a push-up position. One hand touches the other and goes back in the push-up position. Lower the whole body straight to the floor and put your hands over the buttock together. Start the next modified push-up.

231: Flamingo balance / static postural control (coordination under precise conditions)


Balance with the preferred leg on a balance beam. The other leg is stretched sideways and shouldn´t touch the balancing leg.

232: Walking backwards / dynamic balance (coordination under precision pressure)

232_5qwc6187_ba 232_5qwc6215_ba

Walk a 6 m walking distance backwards as fast as possible. The toes of one foot should touch the heel of the other one.

241: Sit and reach / measuring the flexibility of the lower back and hamstring muscles

241a_5qwc5830_ba 241b_5qwc5833_ba

Sit on the floor with legs stretched out straight ahead and try to reach forward along the measuring line as far as possible.

252: Body-Mass-Index (BMI) / relative body weight

251_5qwc5921_ba 251_5qwc6125_ba

To calculate the BMI, the body weight in kilogram (kg) and the body height in meter (m) have to be measured.

261: Upright standing posture test (USPT) / Observation of the natural upright standing posture

161-261a_sRGB 161-261b_sRGB 161-261c_sRGB

Stand straight in your normal position. The instructor observe your posture and gives you a feedback.

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