Let’s get active!

An active lifestyle is the basis for a healthy life.

The EFB gives you an individualized feedback about your fitness status in the different motor abilities (strength, endurance, speed, coordination). The instructor gives you advice how to improve your fitness by special physical activity (fitness training) and how you can motivate yourself to an active life.

Do the test yearly to check your own progress!

You will always get your individualized results, and feedback and a certificate with your achieved level.

Ask in your local club or your national sport federation, where you can catch the badge! If your club don’t know the EFB yet, give them a hint, so that they brief their instructors.

During some big events the EFB is also offered, e.g.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, no testing events are being organized. We invite you to watch the Instruction Videos and practice at home for your upcoming Fitness Test!


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